Combining industry expertise, scalable infrastructure and agile collaboration, we provide real-time insights and operational excellence to asset managers in an increasingly complex landscape.


Gravitas Fund Services

Gravitas Fund Services support your middle office functions with solutions that are designed to create smart scale and transparency, enabling you to focus on alpha-centric activities for your firm.

Risk + Portfolio Analytics: Actionable insights driven by risk metrics to augment your portfolio management, supporting your investment decisions and meeting all internal, investor and regulatory reporting and analysis requirements

Shadow Accounting: Independent validation of your daily trade processing, portfolio pricing, cash and position reconciliations, accrual posting and periodic NAV calculations, satisfying regulators and attracting institutional investors

Reconciliation: A fully automated tool that is performed across all asset classes to ensure accounting records are accurate, saving you time and reducing the risk of manual errors

Research Support: Customized research support that delivers idea validation and monitoring of credit and equity investments, giving you more time to concentrate on investment ideation


Gravitas Technology Services

Gravitas Technology Services offer customized solutions for your firm's infrastructure that deliver complete control and best-in-class security, giving you the freedom to innovate and achieve agile growth.

Cloud + Support: An end-to-end private cloud solution, Gravitas designs, builds and supports environments of all sizes, using software-defined networking to guarantee control and security of your cloud infrastructure

Advisory: Consultative advice grounded in proven, practical application of numerous operating models, asset classes and investment strategies, boosting your ability to affect meaningful change across your firm in a cost-effective and timely manner

Software Development: Bespoke projects or dedicated team initiatives allow you to address your firm's unique information and automation needs, helping you achieve efficiency and information utilization across your mission-critical applications and data sources


As the alternative investment industry continues to attract institutional investors and the regulatory landscape becomes more and more demanding, the biggest challenge for funds is achieving smart scale.

With over two decades of experience, Gravitas delivers the most reliable and agile service offerings to the asset management industry via its world-class technology platform.

The Gravitas Platform, a collaborative outsourcing model of people, process and technology, offers fund and technology services to help hedge funds create smart scale and mitigate risk.


Highly experienced, passionately dedicated professionals around the globe, providing you with responsive, energetic expert service, 24 hours a day.


We collaborate with you to deliver customized workflows and procedures  to preserve your day-to-day operations and keep you ahead of the competition.  


Powered by Gravitas Cloud, our world-class technology platform integrates middle office + risk functions into a single application.  



A modular, state-of-the-art tool, The Gravitas Platform is a unique solution that integrates fund and technology services into a single application to meet your specific needs and investor and regulatory requirements. 


Modular Platform

                                                                          Agile services enabled by an integrated technology platform that can be deployed fully or by component 

Complete Control + Full Transparency

Complete control and full transparency that produces investor confidence in your investment decision-making

One Unified Data Set                     

A single system with centralized, backed up data that is customized to meet specific fund needs without diluting the quality or control of fund services.