Gravitas offers highly intelligent and motivated professionals the opportunity to explore and develop their potential. For professionals who are committed to taking charge of their career, working at Gravitas presents a unique growth opportunity.

We give our professionals the freedom and tools necessary to get their job done and encourage out of the box thinking. We have a team mentality and back each other up. This enables us to avoid the typical wasted energy and time focusing on internal issues associated with large bureaucratic organizations.

We believe in attracting and developing human capital and understand that top performers today want to work for organizations that practice this, not just talk about it. We believe in promoting from within our organization and offering opportunities for advancement to those who have contributed to the growth of our company.


Gravitas has been continuously hiring top talent even in tough economic times. Our growth strategy requires us to be constantly on the hunt for the best and the brightest.

We have a variety of full-time positions open in the U.S. and India. We encourage and reward our employees that attract professionals from their networks. We have a rigorous interview process that ensures there is alignment of the needs of the individual with that of our organization.

While we set a high standard for technical and cognitive skills we also require people with high emotional and social intelligence. This enables us to create synergy and a multiplier effect with small teams and groups.

Gravitas is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity in our workforce.

We are always looking for top-talent.


Gravitas has a formal internship program for students in both the U.S. and India focusing on finance and technology degrees.

To inquire about internships, please contact

Our goal is to seek out students who have clarity around their career goals, have achieved academic excellence and demonstrate our core values in their day to day lives.

Our interns get hands on experience working with our senior leadership on client projects and are challenged to go above and beyond their comfort zones.

We aim to create a glide path for top interns to join Gravitas upon graduation and get a head start on their career.