Gravitas is awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where, when or how, we're on to service your needs.


In a fast-changing world, Gravitas is a nimble partner that helps you seize opportunities, reduce risk and maximize productivity. 


As the cutting edge slices onward, Gravitas will be there in constant pursuit of better, quicker, smarter ways to work together.


Gravitas has been in the alternative investment space since 1996, marking our long-standing prowess in understanding your industry and your business.


We immerse ourselves in your fund’s approach, values and culture to move forward as one, fitting our solutions to your needs and multiplying your strengths with ours.

OUR Purpose. 


Gravitas' core purpose is to make a difference to the industry, to our clients and to our professionals.


As an industry innovator and thought leader, Gravitas helps the alternative investment industry overcome its biggest challenge - growth - by providing smart scale solutions.  


Gravitas collaborates with clients to provide reliable, cost-effective and customized solutions, enabling funds to adapt, thrive and achieve agile growth. 


Gravitas has created a team of highly experienced, passionately dedicated professionals to provide a unique growth opportunity that inspires operational excellence.


Dream Catcher - Orange2.png

A Cultural Revolution at Gravitas.

The Dream Catcher Society is founded on the idea that dreams should exist beyond a dream state. 

Everyone has a dream -- and sharing dreams with others enables people to turn their dreams into a reality.

By engaging our passionate professionals at Gravitas, we are creating a movement that fosters the development and growth of our talent.

Mindful living.

A glimpse into the lives of our NYC employees before they come to work each morning.