Gravitas launches dedicated colocation solutions to host clients’ applications and data centers

Gravitas  Technology,  the  leader  in  providing technology   services   to   the   alternative   investment   management   industry,   today announced that it has expanded its colocation offering by securing a dedicated facility at a  premier,  highly secure  data center  in the  US  northeast.  Gravitas  has  completed several large colocation projects for forward-looking asset management firms, and with the acquisition of its own space, Gravitas is now ready to expand its colocation offering to service partial hosting of critical applications for large funds, or full hosting for smaller funds.  

Gravitas’ decision to procure a dedicated space stems from the growing need for both large and small hedge funds to outsource cumbersome back-office infrastructure and implement disaster recovery of key systems.

“Gravitas’ expansion of its colocation service will offer a solution to even the smallest hedge funds, allowing them to add scalability and flexibility to their infrastructure and operations,” said Jayesh Punater, CEO of Gravitas Technology. “This solution will make colocation, which many large funds have recently embraced, a viable, accessible, and affordable option for funds of any size, allowing managers to implement business continuity planning and backup for critical systems and applications, besides being able to outsource their primary data center.”

As workforces become more mobile and geographically distributed, colocation of infrastructure allows hedge fund managers to remain dynamic and scale operations to meet market trends without being limited to a physical location. “In keeping with our white glove, dedicated services, Gravitas chose Equinix, a premier, best-of-breed facility to offer colocation solutions to our hedge fund clients,” said Brandon Travan, Director of Engineering at Gravitas Technology.

“Colocating at a world-class facility provides a fund with direct access to all the top-tier telecommunications providers as well as low-latency proximity to trading partners,” said Travan. “As hedge funds increasingly focus on operational risk and disaster recovery plans,  decoupling servers   and   other   infrastructure   equipment   from   the   officeenvironment and moving into secure, hardened and remote facilities is the forward-looking business decision for the serious hedge fund manager.”

Creating a colocation solution for small to mid-size hedge funds continues Gravitas’ rollout of innovative, next-generation consulting services.

About Gravitas Technology

Gravitas Technology, founded in 1996, is a leading technology service provider to the Alternative Investment industry. Gravitas provides an integrated, holistic view of technology that combines Business Consulting Services, Software Services, Systems Integration, and Project Management Services. The firm’s uniquely skilled strategists and practitioners offer deep domain experience in the hedge fund, prime brokerage and fund administration businesses, which allows Gravitas to not only consult and advise firms, but also provide implementation and remediation services. Gravitas’ customers include a broad range of financial services firms, spanning hedge  funds, private  equity funds, brokerage  firms, investment banks and traditional asset management firms.  For more information, please visit: