Risk Reporting Plus: Gravitas and IBM Enable Customized Risk Reporting and Analysis for Smaller Funds

Earlier this year, we provided a sneak preview of Gravitas Risk-as-a-Service (RaaS). We’re happy to announce that emerging funds can now have access to institutional quality risk reporting for regulatory, investor and internal reporting needs, at a compelling price point through Gravitas Risk Reporting Plus.

Risk analysis is overseen by Gravitas risk experts utilizing a unique and sophisticated integration of industry standard IBM Algorithmics and state of art middleware technologies within the Gravitas Private Cloud.

7 Unique Benefits of Risk Reporting Plus

  1. Access to Risk Experts: Funds get access to risk experts who can answer fund manager and investors’ queries related to the accuracy of daily risk numbers and day over day changes
  2. No Need to Buy Risk Technology: Clients do not need to invest in costly risk technologies/ IT infrastructure
  3. Meets requirement of all stakeholders: Investor transparency and capital raising, regulatory filing on market risk, and management insight into unintended exposures
  4. Highly Cost Efficient: Right balance between customization and cost for emerging funds
  5. Light Implementation: It takes only two to four weeks to move into production
  6. Suitable Delivery Timing: Validated risk reports delivered before US opening time of 9am EST as a result of overnight reporting process managed by India-based analysts
  7. Scalable: Flexibility to accommodate AuM growth and strategy diversification. Even if fund AuM grows by 10 or 20 times, it can still meet the changing risk requirements of the fund