Test to Rest: Site Recovery Manager

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With Super Storm Sandy’s one year anniversary on the horizon, many will vividly remember the ensuing chaos across the eastern seaboard. COOs and CTOs of alternative investment funds in the NY Metro area stated that Sandy was the ultimate test of the fault tolerance and redundancy measures instituted to ensure firm operability during a disaster. We’re happy to note that our Private Cloud, powered by VCE’s Vblock, staved off the storm without incident. However, many service providers weren’t as lucky.

In preparation for the upcoming hurricane season, the Gravitas team has revisited the corporate policies and procedures implemented before, during and after Sandy’s devastation, in order to further strengthen the disaster recovery failover/failback process. To that end, we will be enhancing the disaster recovery capabilities of our Private Cloud by adding Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to our suite of managed technology services.

SRM is a robust disaster recovery automation and management tool created by VMware that uses EMC’s advanced replication software. By incorporating this technology, funds will be able to customize their recovery process in advance of a DR incident, and failover priority can be scripted and automated for core services and key applications.

Enhancing a fund’s disaster recovery infrastructure with Site Recovery Manager, provides clients greater control over their recovery process, reduces the risk of error associated with traditional testing, and shortens the time period needed to return to full operability.

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