Webinar: Protecting Your Fund from Cyber Attack

Please join us for the HedgeWorld Webinar, Protecting Your Fund from Cyber Attack, on December 5 at 12 noon EST. In the sophisticated world of computer crime, no combination of security hardware, training and processes is impervious to a targeted attack.  

Spending on cyber security has doubled in the last decade, yet most organizations are vulnerable to breaches each year. What’s worse, a security breach can go undetected for months, an eternity for a cyber criminal or unscrupulous competitor to access valuable investment data or transfer funds to an untouchable offshore site.

Don’t miss this chance to hear top experts in cyber security and compliance for hedge funds discuss ways to protect your data and systems. You will learn about potential network vulnerabilities, key indicators of cyber compromise and the ins and outs of incident response. This is a must-attend event for Chief Technology Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and anyone else in a fund with influence over information security, technology and compliance.



Eldon Sprickerhoff, Co-Founder and CTO, eSentire

Patrick Mullevey, Executive Director, Systems Integration, Gravitas

Riva Waller, Chief Operating Officer-U.S., International Standard Asset Management (ISAM)

Richard Stiennon, Founder, IT-Harvest.



Irwin Speizer, Senior Correspondent, HedgeWorld


Topics To Be Covered

The Risk – How widespread are security breaches, what are intruders looking for, and what do they do once they are inside your system.

Solutions – Top 10 ways to protect your data and systems, covering everything from security infrastructure to password protection.

Responding to a Break-in – What to do once you have discovered a security breach, what you should to do maintain compliance, who should be alerted.

The Future – How to keep abreast of the latest threats and solutions and how to maintain a robust defense.