Webinar: Secure Remote Access & File Sharing for Alternative Asset Managers

July 17, 2013 - 12:00 PM EST

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Reuters Hedgeworld
Reuters Hedgeworld

While the freedom to access and share critical data anytime, anywhere is liberating, it raises considerable enterprise security and compliance concerns for effective management of fund information. Providing global users on-demand access to hosted storage extends the operational value of corporate data but how do you enable end-user access, sharing and syncing of files without compromising corporate security? HedgeWorld, the definitive Hedge Fund Community, is pleased to present this FREE webinar, sponsored by Gravitas, to discuss both the opportunities and the pitfalls around sharing information across devices, networks and people in today’s multi-platform world:

Information Compliance:

How to Secure Remote Access & File Sharing for Alternative Asset Managers

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Despite all the challenges, with the right tools and procedures in place, security and access to information doesn’t have to be a “this or that” conversation. Sign up for this FREE webinar and you'll learn about these key issues for asset managers looking at remote access and online sharing:

1. Compliance: Are you meeting the requirements of the Investment Advisers Act, specifically SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4? 2. E-discovery: If you have litigation, do you know how to preserve and then retrieve this information? Don't assume tools or processes are in place, available or inexpensive. 3. Security: Internal and external risks — do you know how security is being handled? Is access to customer information so easy that it walks out the door? 4: Privacy: Is any of this data subject to privacy requirements? Is any of this data non-US generated or reference citizens outside the US? 5. Reputation: Potential fall-out from failures may result in fines and sanctions, but also damage to reputation that can trigger disastrous capital calls.

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HedgeWorld has recruited four expert speakers for this FREE webinar to help you navigate today's complex file-sharing scene. Our panel members are:

• Kevin Holl, Chief Technology Officer, Evanston Capital Management • Philippa Oates, Cloud Storage Specialist, EMC Corporation • Patrick Mullevey, Executive Director, Gravitas • James D. Shook, Director, eDiscovery & Compliance Practice, EMC Corporation • MODERATOR: Chris Clair, Managing Editor, HedgeWorld

Presented by HedgeWorld and sponsored by Gravitas, this live webinar has everything you need to know about minimizing compliance risk and corporate security, and registration is FREE. Sign up now!